Thoughts and essays on disability studies and special education. Topics cover a wide range, including (but not limited to) disability studies, eugenics, psychological services, education, and religious topics. I have not read everything out there on the topics; therefore, it would be appreciated for you to understand that (1) these writings are not intended to be published in books or scholarly works (at least not in current form) and (2) I do not intend for any of my thoughts to be taken as being entirely original to myself. Also, my voice is one of many. Opinions are like butts. Everyone has one; none are necessarily right or wrong; and they all change over time anyway. Take this into consideration as you follow my inquisitive journey. 


Blog posts tend to be fairly short. They cover quick reviews of books and articles, and brief thoughts or ideas that have been on my mind, usually without thoroughly researching the topic. They, therefore, represent my current frame of mind and not a final conclusion (i.e., me thinking out loud through writing and not giving a final verdict).

Essays will be longer (though the exact length will vary by topic). Essays represent my opinions based on more thorough research, practice, and contemplation. However, like blog posts, my opinions found in essays are subject to change as I learn and grow as a professional and as a person.

Writing Style

All blog posts and essays will follow APA citations and formatting (as far basic WordPress features will allow). Sources will be given when possible. When not possible but citation is expected you will see “[cite]” in the post to tell you that I know the thought is not my own. My writing is intended to appeal to a wide range of audiences of varying disciplines and educational experience; therefore, the formality and finesse that one might expect to find in a peer reviewed journal may be missing at times.

Who AM I?

Educational disability specialist with experience in teaching, counseling, and assessing students with disabilities (k through post-high), as well as serving adults with severe intellectual and developmental disorders.

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